DISCIT – Making Persons with Disabilities Full Citizens

Primary investigator: (for the Swedish team) Prof. Rafael Lindqvist

Collaborators: Marie Sépulchre (Department of Sociology, Uppsala University),  and participants in a project consortium represented by NOVA (Norwegian Social Research, University of Cologne (Germany), Charles University (Czech Republic), National University of Galway (Ireland), York University (Great Britain), University of Florence (Italy), The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, The Mental Disability Rights Initiative, The European Disability Forum.

Grants: EU, 7th Framework Programme

The aim of DISCIT is to generate new knowledge that makes it possible for persons with disabilities to be active and full citizens. How can different policies, including social services, social insurance, and social regulation (anti-discrimination, regulations requiring access for persons with disabilities) work together to increase the possibilities of active citizenship for individuals with disabilities? The project will also elucidate how persons with a disability experience these support systems, identify barriers and problems, but also more effective methods to strengthen the rights of persons with a disability. 

For more information, visit DISCT at https://blogg.hioa.no/discit or follow the project on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DISCITResearch or twitter: twitter.com/DISCITResearch.