Department of Sociology


Compulsory courses:

  • Introduction course 7.5 hp credits
  • Two methods courses – qualitative and  quantitative (together amounting to 15 hp credits)
  • Theory of Science 7.5 hp credits
  • Additionally sociological and social psychological courses relevant to the student’s research (amounting to 15 hp credits)

The doctoral researcher presents the dissertation at a seminar during the first year, as well as at a half-time (after about two years) and a final seminar (during the final year). Together with a senior colleague, the doctoral researcher will act as opponent to review and constructively criticise the dissertation text of another doctoral candidate's half-time and final seminar. On satisfactory completion, this opponent work will be awarded 7.5 credits.

Optional courses

Decided in consultation with the supervisor (together amounting to 22.5 hp credits).

Doctoral courses

Program fall 2015 - Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Contemporary Sociological Theory 7,5 ECTS January - March 2018

Schedule Contemporary Sociological Theory 

Qualitative Methods 7,5 ECTS March - June 2018

Schedule Qualitative Methods

Fall 2017

Introduction 7,5 ECTS Sep. 2017 – Jun. 2018.

Schedule: Introduction

Sociological Theory incl. Social Psychology, 7,5 ECTS

Schedule: Sociological theory

Spring 2017

Theory of Science 7,5 ECTS Mar. – Apr. 2017

Schedule: Theory of Science

Fall 2016

Quantitative Methods 7,5 ECTS Nov – Dec 2016

Schedule: Quantitative Methods

Spring 2016

Modern Sociological Theory incl. Social Psychology 7,5 ECTS Jan. – Apr. 2016

Schedule: Modern Sociological Theory

Qualitative Methods 7,5 ECTS Apr.- Jun. 2016 

Schedule: Qualitative Methods

Fall 2015

Introduction 7,5 ECTS Sep. 2015 – Jan. 2016.

Schedule: Introduction

Sociological Theory incl. Social Psychology, 7,5 ECTS Sep.  – Nov. 2015

Schedule: Sociological Theory incl. Social Psychology